Jon Brown: il nuovo QB in famiglia Giants

Presentiamo oggi il nostro quarterback proveniente da oltre oceano: Jon Brown, 24 anni. Proveniente da Glendale in Arizona, Jon è sicuramente un dual threat qb, capace di fare 4.60 sulle 40 dash ed essere allo stesso tempo un ottimo ed accurato passer.
L’ abbiamo intervistato per voi.


1. Welcome to the fam Jon, is there something you want to say to the team?
JB What’s good wit it? It’s always great day to be a giant!

2. Please describe your characteristics as a quarterback
JB I have speed, I’m accurate and I’m a playmaker.

3. What do you think about the team you found so far?
JB The team is legit, I can honestly call them family. We all work together and nobody is left out.

4. What are your personal objectives for the season
JB My objective for this season is to get my job done as a QB and help my team accomplish the main goal which is a winning season.

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